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Released February 2019
Run time 15m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris

Scene 2 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

JIMMY is just jonesing for jizz when he invites MACANAO TORRES over to supply some semen.  Like any good trick he’s waiting in his underwear, ready to get spat on and tongue bathe a horny stranger. 

With enough saliva exchanged, Macanao grabs Jimmy by the back of the neck and guides his slutty face hole over his rock hard dick. Holding his suck hole in place he gives it a few good cock pumps, setting the pace on how he wants his meat served. 

With a brief butt inspecting and taste test, Macanao slowly propels his fat tool into Jimmy’s ass, enjoying every inch of sensation. With a huge cock hooked deep into him, Jimmy gives up his hole for Macanao to take for a ride and breed deep. 

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