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Released February 2019
Run time 18m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris

Scene 3 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

DARWIN and EL LOBO venture to a cozy cum stained corner of a local gay bar/sex club where they encounter LALO SANTOS. The three strip down and the dicks start swinging. With cocks on either side, Darwin starts sucking the horny hombres, getting his ass smacked, and getting ready for the main event. 

Bent over like a horny slut, Darwin offers his hole to Lalo to plow raw. With one hard shove he’s balls deep, with El Lobo spit roasting the fucker at the same time. They trade off on rough fucking the maricón until they both bust a nut and he’s full of that good Mexican leche.

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