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Released February 2019
Run time 15m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris

Scene 4 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

Treasure Island Media’s own marked man and American pig SKY ventured down to Mexico City looking to be used.  He was so horny he could eat a horse.  What he got was pretty close – MIKE’s colossal cock meat is a fine substitution that never gets any complaints.  While Sky wolfs down every inch of dick like it’s his last meal, Mike buries his face firmly between Sky’s slutty cheeks, savoring the taste and aroma of hot man ass.

Mike positions Sky on all fours, hole presented for a pounding. With one final layer of spit for lube, Mike aims his dick at his pink puckered target, and with a few forceful thrusts hits his mark. 

Hooked deep into Sky’s sweet chute, Mike tosses him around like a ragdoll - fucking him in every position and mercilessly drilling into his innards until they’re left coated in cum. 

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