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Released March 2019
Run time 15m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris

Scene 5 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

Donkey dick, DORIAN encounters beefy butt, BRAYAN and the result is an instant attraction. They start making out, and it is not long before Dorian has his dick in Brayan’s mouth, guiding his throat down the length of his impressive endowment - holding him to the hilt and choking him on his chorizo. Brayan gasps for breath, with thick sticky ropes of spit and pre-cum between his lips and Dorian’s dick.

Sliding his fingers over Brayan’s waiting hole, Dorian gets his first feel of what’s to cum. With his cock properly serviced, he reciprocates by ravenously munching on Brayan’s ass, taking care to get his hole hungry and wet. 

Dorian mounts Brayan, entering his receptive muscular ass. With sturdy rhythmic fuck thrusts Brayan’s hole is worked open and ready when Dorian delivers several strong spurts of cum.  

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