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Released March 2019
Run time 16m
Directed by Mecos
Produced by Max Sohl and Paul Morris

Scene 7 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

Back at the sex club, JIMMY wanders the back halls looking for trouble. He finds it when he turns a corner to see DORIAN in the next room. Slowly stroking his cock with a piercing stare, he’s successful in luring Jimmy right where he wants him… to the glory holes!

Jimmy takes Dorian’s cock in his mouth through the hollowed out divider, and is given the hungry cocksucker’s full attention. So much so that he doesn’t realize LALO SANTOS has snuck his cock through the adjacent wall. 

Now with two dicks on either side of him, Jimmy presses his ass up on the wall, switching between riding each cock and making sure each man has easy access. 

The three strangers move to a fuck area so they can pound out Jimmy and give him a proper double screwing.  Dorianand Lalo rail into Jimmy, beating their cocks into his hole and flooding him out with a thick steady stream of jizz. 

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