Fleshjack Anus - Trenton Ducati

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The Titanium Fleshjack sleeve of Trenton's ass is built to withstand as many long, hard thrusts as you care to dish out. Made of realistic silicone, this sleeve features an exclusive texture that begins with a tight opening. As your shaft enters into the canal, you are treated with alternating rings and nubs to stimulate your most sensitive places. As you enter the sleeve, there are rows of tightly stacked rings that hug your flesh all the way around.

A few inches into the sleeve, the opening bursts open into a canal with a series of curves and waves. The Tight sleeve comes in a delightfully sturdy powder blue case that measures 9.75 inches from the opening to the end.The total insertable length is 8.5 inches, and this Fleshjack sleeve with the powder blue case measures 9.75 inches in total.

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